Quo Vadis The Mercury?

Dear Yogas

The dissemination of ANC, communist and revolutionary propaganda within The Mercury has reached a point which can no longer be condoned.

Today’s issue is the tipping point. The front-page headline story about the SACP fearing for their lives if Janus Walus is released from prison is contrived communist fiction. If the date was 1 April, it could be written off as an April Fool’s joke.

Fabricating threats and creating bogeymen is what communists do. That’s how they intimidated millions in the former USSR with the lie that the West posed a dire threat to communism’s existence.

Yet the fact that The Mercury not only ran this fake news but that it accorded it front-page headline status, makes one ponder the extent to which political influences are at work.

Then, on the inner main op-ed page is another load of bilge, this time about Evo Morales and his great revolutionary role in Bolivia written by an ANC apparatchik. The man was a dictator who defied the outcome of a referendum limiting the terms of presidential service. He marginalised democracy in Bolivia. Why is editorial space given to eulogising such claptrap?

Opposite that page is a one-sided story about the impeachment of Trump. If you read the lengthy letter Trump addressed to Pelosi and the Congress, you would appreciate that the pitch the Democrats have made is threadbare and ludicrous. Again, no semblance of balance.

Then yesterday, at the foot of the front page is a story about Surve being cleared of wrongdoing over his PIC loan. Surve,  the man who “doesn’t do the news.” How could The Mercury publish this contrived report when the PIC Commission Report has not yet been released? Another instance of political pressures at work?

Thus, I find myself in a compromised situation. By subscribing to The Mercury, I am subsidising the dissemination of views to which I am fundamentally opposed. I am also helping to sustain the highly questionable existence of the company which, sadly, owns The Mercury.

Whilst I appreciate the publication of my submissions to The Mercury under your editorship, my conscience tells me that unless or until the direction of The Mercury changes, I cannot continue to subscribe to it.

Accordingly, I am cancelling my Mercury subscription and will be applying for a refund. This letter will also be circulated to those on my address book to whom I regularly forward my writings. I intend replacing The Mercury with The Witness and possibly Business Day.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 19 December 2019.

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