Questions For Dr Clark

Like other adherents to the prescribed narrative on Covid and vaccines, Dr Bob Clark (The Mercury, December 21) attempts to dismiss opposing views as “irrelevant drivel.”

If Clark fact-checked, he would find that at 58, Dr Peter McCullough is not “an ageing” cardiologist. If Baylor University is a “B-grade medical school” that in no way diminishes the esteem in which McCullough is held for some 600 peer-reviewed articles he has researched and published.

The reason he was fired from Baylor and the University of North Texas in February should alarm anyone who upholds scientific integrity. Baylor, like many medical schools, relies on funding from Big Pharma. McCullough was fired because his scientifically proven views on Covid and its treatment clashed with the prescribed narrative and thereby jeopardised Baylor’s funding source.

Regarding HCQ and ivermectin, if Dr Clark fact-checked he would find that besides being used successfully in Africa, such treatments are officially sanctioned in Peru, Mexico, the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and by many doctors in the US. Clark should ask himself why Big Pharma dismisses them despite their proven efficacy.

The crux of Dr Clark’s diagnosis is that “vaccines give us all a chance to de-mask and smile again.” How, then, does he explain the fact that none of the vaccines has been subjected to the standard three to five year testing period? Why in September did the FDA re-define the Covid vaccine as a “preparation”? Why are none of these “preparations” certified to produce immunity? Why are all of their manufacturers indemnified against adverse reactions?  Why in a US court in November did the FDA request a period of 55 years (2076) before disclosing the data content of the jab “preparations?”

Why are re-infections rife amongst those in the most vaccinated places – Ireland, Israel, Belgium and the New England states? Why do the vaccinated need a booster? What does Clark make of the 2,486,000 cases logged by the WHO of adverse reaction and deaths from the so-called vaccines? Why do the vaccinated still have to wear masks? Why is there unanimity among hundreds of scientists that natural immunity trumps any so-called vaccine? Why is there even any need for a so-called vaccine when 99% of the infected survive?

I trust Dr Clark’s parachute is open in Southbroom.

Sent to The Mercury and published 22 December 2021.

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