Propagating Fake Views

The corollary of fake news is fake opinion. The article by one Chris Maxon (Daily News, February 6) alleging a second coming of apartheid is a case in point.

Without adducing any hard evidence beyond a single, secondary reference to a camp at which a few white teens were allegedly indoctrinated with nationalist ideas, Maxon contrives to concoct a

theory that a return of apartheid is in the offing. As the key to his contrived opinion, Maxon offers the move of top prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, to Afriforum.

In Maxon’s rose-tinted view, Afriforum is somehow a launchpad for the frustrated “aspirations of right-wing elements and their resolve on the return of apartheid.” What utter drivel, Mr Editor!

Although it has an affiliation with Afrikaner interests, Afriforum is a broad-based NGO which enjoys growing support from all who are concerned at state corruption, state capture and poor governance.

Besides his cheap attempt to disparage Gerrie Nel, the thrust of Maxon’s rant is clearly an attempt to perpetuate the failed rule of the ANC by dredging up the bogeyman of apartheid. It is unfortunate that the Daily News allows its columns to be abused by fake views.

Published in The Daily News

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