Preference For Taxis A Threat To All

ANC government’s capitulation to the taxi bosses as to how many passengers taxis may transport has several negative implications (Mercury, April 3).

Every business and industry is losing money as a result of the lockdown. In this regard, why should the taxi industry be treated any differently from all other businesses? Why is their financial predicament more pressing than that of others?

Making an exception to the taxi industry by relaxing the taxi passenger quota has significant implications:

  • It makes a mockery of the President’s fervent appeals to comply with the need for personal isolation.
  • It will expedite the spread of the Coronavirus and consequently compel the lockdown to be extended beyond the 21-day period;
  • It questions the capacity of the ANC government to impose its authority. Are we being ruled by the elected or by the unelected?

For too long the taxi industry has been a law unto itself. It is a rogue element that disregards the rules of the road, is colour blind as regards traffic lights and treats the safety of its passengers with indifference. Failure to compel this rogue industry to comply with the road rules now poses a threat to the health of the whole country.

Sent into The Mercury and Published, 4 April 2020.

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