PRASA Appointment Speaks Volumes

Transport minister Blade Nzimande’s reasons for appointing failed former eThekwini city manager, Sbu Sithole, as the new head of the Passenger and Rail Authority (PRASA), once again, reveal why good governance eludes the ANC (Mercury, June 6).

So poor was Sithole at his post as eThekwini city manager, that even the local ANC saw fit not to renew his contract. However, the real issue here is that of probity. Clearly, as Nzimande relates, the inability to manage one’s personal finances is not a hindrance to ineligibility for a top government post. In fact, as Nzimande sees it, it seems to be quite acceptable.

Also very telling from the reported comments by Nzimande is his absolute commitment to appointing a black person to the job. Here we see the failure of the ANC to walk the talk about non-racialism. There are many eligible Indians, coloureds and whites who could fill that Prasa post. Yet Nzimande discriminates against them and selects Sithole who could not run a municipality.

With the exception of minister Pravin Gordhan who at least values competence ahead of colour and comradeship, the likes of Blade Nzimande are condemning the country to ever-downward spirals of poor governance.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 7 June 2018. 

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