Polarisation Is The Result Of The WEF’s Policies

If DUT senior research associate Imraan Buccus removed his blinkers he would have a better understanding of the real driver of polarisation in nations instead of condemning it as a “typical far-right ethno-nationalist hallucination” (POST, December 6-10).

If he examined the World Economic Forum’s aims and policies, he would find that all the states experiencing turmoil are headed by WEF adherents. To bring about the WEF’s Great Re-Set goal of depopulated, Orwellian hemispheres presided over by an exclusive oligarchy, the first order of business is to eliminate national sovereignty.

The WEF’s key weapon to achieve that is through open borders and mass immigration. By imposing alien cultures on historically homogenous nations and cultures polarisation is inevitable. No self-respecting nation is going to tolerate its heritage and values being trashed by migrants to whom they have charitably provided asylum. That pushback is evident in the US, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Britain, Denmark. Sweden.

In France two churches are vandalised, desecrated or torched daily. The same anti-Christian depredation occurs in Italy, Germany and Sweden. James Joyce’s city of Dublin resembles Minneapolis after a BLM riot.

In correctly stating that Donald Trump is “unbound by the conventional courtesies that grease the wheels of power,” it is a pity that Buccus does not apply his mind as to why Trump deviates from the WEF narrative to which Buccus loyally adheres. If he did so, he would find that Trump and his Maga movement are exposing and opposing the Deep State cabal that has been ruling America for 60 years. That WEF-aligned cabal, its kept press, bought politicians, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Ivy League adherents fear the loss of political control and the return of power to “We the people” as the US constitution ordains.

Buccus’s attempt to denigrate Trump with the badge “climate change denier” is actually a tribute. It shows that Trump recognises the historical and scientific reality that climate change is a natural phenomenon unrelated to human activities.

Two further claims by Buccus concerning Trump show how he allows his emotions and ideology to cloud his judgement. Trump’s travel ban applied only to states funding terrorism. In terms of safety and security,  it is perfectly logical and sensible to combat terrorism by isolating its source.  Based on that, for Buccus to accuse Trump of “Islamophobia” is nonsense. The same applies to his claim that Trump “bashes immigrants.” Like the majority of Americans, Trump opposes the madness of the WEF/Biden regime’s  policy of mass, illegal immigration and open borders.

Seeing as Buccus regards the policies of the WEF/Deep State as “progressive,” could he list just five ways in which America is better off under the WEF/Biden regime compared to Trump’s presidency?

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