Perspective On Western Financial Pressures On South Africa

The threat of financial instability to which South Africa is being subjected because of its non-aligned stance in the war between Russia and Ukraine is symptomatic of the fear the US dollar-controlled WEF and its related adherents are experiencing at their progressive loss of world geopolitical and economic domination.

The growing international alignment with BRICS constitutes a puncture in the hegemony of the globalists. As a captive of globalist debt relief, thanks to the ruinous rule of the ANC, South Africa is seen as a vulnerable member of BRICS whose allegiance can be exploited through intimidation.

In terms of agricultural relevance to South Africa (wheat and sunflower oil), Ukraine rates 44th in importance. Economically, therefore, it makes sense to be non-aligned with Ukraine. However, the political significance of Ukraine is what really matters. It is a puppet dictatorship state of the oligarchs of the WEF and the new world order, established in 2014. It is not a democracy. All opposition parties and media are banned. Support for Ukraine is an endorsement of the totalitarianism of the Zelensky regime which acts as a money-laundering, bio-weapon factory, and human trafficking conduit for the aligned, corrupt governments of Biden, Sunak, Macron et al.

The ramping up of financial pressure on South Africa by the dollar hegemony at this time is intended to sow discord ahead of the forthcoming BRICS summit meeting in Johannesburg to be chaired by President Ramaphosa. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is simply a red herring.

While misgivings abound about the politics of China and that of other members of BRICS, the important point to grasp is that BRICS constitutes an alternative to the destiny of debt servitude and demolition of national sovereignty which the WEF Great Re-Set ensures and of which the Biden regime and its Western allies are simply stretcher-bearers.

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