Pejorative Report On US Election

In that the Mercury, like the rest of the Establishment media, has a negative opinion of the Trump administration, the Reuters report published on October 19 on the looming US mid-term elections was typically biased and unbalanced.

The conclusion which that report promotes is that the Democratic Party is a knight in shining armour poised to rid America of a rogue president who is defiling democracy. The unvarnished reality, of course, is that the Reuters report is nothing more than Democratic Party propaganda masquerading as informed opinion.

Since Trump took office the so-called Democrats, as the representatives of the globalists and their George Soros bankrollers have been pursuing a perverse agenda to resist, delay and demonise all Trump’s reforms. Nowhere was that wanton attitude more evident than in their conduct during the Kavanaugh hearings. For the most part, the antics of the Democrats have been distorting the truth and promoting red herrings. The Mueller probe into Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election is an expensive joke. In 18 months, Mueller has failed to find a shred of evidence on Trump. Allegations of waste by the Trump administration are another red herring. His administration is not only leaner than Obama’s but he has stripped away volumes of Obama red-tape regulations.

Not surprisingly, the Reuters report is silent on the Democrats’ intention to raise taxes, impose socialism and to have open borders so that the riff-raff of every stripe can flood into the US. Not surprisingly the Reuters avoid noting that under Trump, the US economy is booming with GDP exceeding 4%; unemployment at its lowest in 50 years; four million fewer people are on food stamps. The biggest tax reform in US history amounting to $1,5 trillion has sliced corporate tax from 35% to 21%; over 6 million new jobs have been created. And what of Trump’s defusing of North Korea’s nuclear threat? Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama were never able to walk that talk.

For Reuters to claim that Trump has “attacked democratic institutions’ is nauseating hypocrisy. The reality is that the Republican Party is the party of law and order whereas the Democrats have embraced mob rule. That was violently and vividly evident with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Recently it has escalated to official endorsement of physical violence and anti-social conduct towards Republican officeholders. Former Attorney-General Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton have both endorsed what she euphemistically calls “incivility” towards Republicans. If anything, it is the Democrats who are defiling democratic practice, even demanding voting rights for non-citizens in their frenzied quest to defeat Trump.

Pejorative reporting is only going to tarnish the credibility of the establishment media and diminish its readership.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 20 October 2018.

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