Parties Need Scrutiny On Global Narratives

Thirty years of corrupt, ruinous rule has transformed a once functioning country into a failed state. Consequently, as the country heads for the general election, the priority of millions of disgruntled voters’ is to bring about change.

The details of the necessary changes are spelled out by the key opposition parties. But what they also need to spell out is their stance on two global narratives which promise to nullify the virtuous change voters seek and to subvert freedom.

Voters need to demand that the political party of their choice rejects the World Health Organisation’s global accord on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. By accepting the WHO agenda, a country’s individual sovereignty to determine its own health policies will be rescinded. But that is just the beginning. Once beholden to the dictates of the WHO, mandatory vaccines and digital passports will follow without which international travel and mobility will be denied.

As millions have since realised, the so-called Covid pandemic with its lockdown, masks, social distancing, closure of schools, churches, beaches, public amenities, mandatory, improperly tested vaccines was all unscientific and unconstitutional. But it was a trial run of how the broad public can be made to comply with fascist dictatorship.

The deadly effect of the WHO-promoted bio-weapon, falsely called a vaccine, is daily apparent wherever vaxxing was widespread. Mortality rates are up from between 8 and 16 percent. Sudden “unexplained” deaths of healthy, young people have become common. Illnesses caused by the vaccines are knocking years off life spans.

Compliance with the WHO’s agenda has everything to do with depopulation and delimitation of national sovereignty and liberty. Health is the Trojan horse of the WHO and its WEF partner.

Rejection of the narrative that climate change is man-made and that only by eliminating fossil fuels can global warming be curtailed, is the other issue on which political parties need to make unambiguous declarations. Climate change is a natural historically proven reality.

It is socio-economic suicide to destroy our economy by adhering to the decarbonisation narrative which will plunge the country into a R1 trillion debt for so-called renewables which can never substitute the role of fossil fuels. That madness is further exacerbated by the availability of massive oil and gas fields off the Cape/Namibia coast.

Political parties that decline to recognise the Orwellian intentions of the WHO and WEF with regards to health and decarbonisation are unworthy of votes – regardless of how promising their policies are in terms of salvaging South Africa.

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