Parallels Between The Zondo And Durham Reports

There are significant parallels between the findings of the Zondo Commission and the Durham Report in the US. Both implicate the ruling parties and both are mired in inaction as a result.

The erudite and objective article by Nkosikhulule Nyembezi (The Mercury, May 19) details the multiplicity of elements impeding the implementation of the eleven recommendations of the Zondo Commission. In so doing, Nyembezi’s analysis exposes the ANC for what it is: a faction-ridden, criminal syndicate. To expect it to arraign those within its ranks whom Zondo specifically singled out, is a non-starter for the simple reason that each of those individuals will implicate others. As such, there is no structure within the ANC that is untainted. And, of course, since a fish rots from its head, Ramaphosa is inevitably involved. He was Deputy President while state capture was occurring.

For Nyembezi to characterise the ANC’s inaction on the Zondo Report as “protracted,” is tactful but unrealistic. Ramaphosa simply cannot afford to implement action because it will destroy the ANC. Put simply, expect no accountability from the ANC.

The 30-month investigation by Special Prosecutor John Durham into allegations of Russian collusion in the 2016 US election and the protracted dissemination of those allegations by the Democratic Party and its media cohorts, in many ways parallels the Zondo Report.

Both reports detail the deliberate subversion and weaponisation of enforcement and intelligence agencies to shield illicit activities and to avoid accountability. Opponents of wrongdoing were silenced or disempowered. Both the Democratic Party and the ANC obtained professional services to navigate their courses of action and relied on a network of people inside and outside their respective domains.

Durham found that the Clinton campaign paid for the fabricated Steele dossier which was given to the FBI which failed to interrogate its integrity. Before July 31, 2016, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Attorney-General Lynch and FBI Director Comey were all complicit in the plot to claim Russian involvement in the Trump campaign. When leaks occurred regarding the falsehood of the Steele dossier, the FBI cracked down on whistleblowers.

For three years Trump’s presidency was dogged by allegations of illegitimacy and electoral fraud. Pulitzer even commended journalists for their work on the Russia hoax  while the mainstream media vindictively and relentlessly pursued the story.

Just as there have been no arrests and prosecutions of those involved in state capture, so under the Biden regime there won’t be any such action against those named in the Durham Report. Like under the ANC, a two-tiered justice system exists under the corrupt, Deep State controlled Biden regime. It is naïve to expect the criminals in the FBI and the Department of Justice to arraign and prosecute their own.

However, the difference between the hopelessness of justice prevailing in South Africa and the situation in the US is that political change is coming to the US in 2024. Trump has vowed to root out the political octopus of the Deep State that has been subverting the US since it killed Kennedy and manufactured the Watergate crisis to remove Nixon.

Already Trump has a $475 million defamation case against CNN for its Russia hoax propaganda and has demanded that Pulitzer withdraw its journalism awards for the  Russia hoax. Accountability is coming in the US. A pity that is unlikely for the Zondo Report.

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