Outcry Against Trump’s Travel Ban Is Based On Sheer Ignorance

The hysteria against President Trump’s temporary withholding of travel visas affecting seven Middle East states is both sad and pathetic because it is based on sheer ignorance (Daily News, January 30).

Trump’s order is based on a 2015 law signed by President Obama, which specifically identified Syria, Iran and Sudan as sources of terrorism. As far back as 1979, President Carter identified Syria as a sponsor of terrorism. In the 1980s, Reagan labelled Iran as such. In 1993 President Bill Clinton named Sudan as a sponsor of terrorism.

In 2011 Obama imposed a six-month ban on refugees from Iraq entering the US because that state, along with Libya, Somalia and Yemen, were identified by his Administration as having terror links.

In 2000, President Clinton deported 1,864,343 aliens from the US.

Yet there was no outcry from the liberal-left against Obama or Clinton.

Trump is fully within his constitutional rights as President to clamp down on entry into the US from states that sponsor or are linked with terrorism.

It is also specious claptrap for his critics to interpret his actions as discriminating against Moslems. The Moslem populations of the seven affected states account for only 13% of the world’s Moslems. In other words, 87% of Moslems are not affected by Trump’s visa restriction.

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