Options For US Are Clear
According to all the US mainstream media, the only issue on the ballot paper in Tuesday’s elections is the future of democracy in America. And they are correct, but for the wrong reasons.
When Biden denounces the Republicans as “a threat to democracy,” he refers to their opposition to the globalist policies of the Democrats. For them, democracy means endorsing the betrayal of American sovereignty through open borders and energy dependence. It means endorsing defunding the police, wokeism and cancel culture.
Ironically, for all their pious concern about democracy, by sanctioning the collaboration of  Big Tech with the FBI and Department of Justice in censoring posts on social media, the Biden regime is violating the 1st amendment and threatening democracy.
Despite the pervasiveness of the mass media, to their credit dozens of millions of American voters have resisted the demonization of their support for the Republican Party. Almost two years of failed, globalist Democrat policies have crystallized their options.

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