Notes From The Movie ‘Climate’

The climate change debate has sparked considerable controversy, with a significant narrative claiming that rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are driving global temperature increases. However, several points challenge this alarmist narrative:

  • The basic fraud in the alarmist narrative is that when CO2 rises, it causes temperature increases. THIS IS FALSE. RECORDS GOING BACK 300 YEARS in Britain show that only decades and centuries after temperatures rose, did Co2 levels increase slightly. THUS:  CO2 DOES NOT DRIVE TEMPERATURE INCREASES.
  • Over the past 150 years, the hottest times were in the 1930s – long before the spike in industrial activity which World War II caused.
  • Data from the climate models used by the UN does not accord with satellite record data, which is far more empirical, This is so because temperature records based in cities are always higher than those based in nearby open country. Reason: densification of buildings that retain heat, and activities in confined spaces.
  • Wildfires caused by climate change: No evidence based on meticulous US records since 1900. In fact, the 1930s were the hottest times and produced the most wildfires in the US.
  • Hurricane records in the US: actually fewer in recent times compared with pre-1950.
  • Tree rings are a very reliable source of data and show that in the past 300 years, there has been little change—further proof of NO evidence to support climate alarmism.
  • Satellite data since 1979 is the best source of temperature variation. And it shows no spike in experience. Whereas, data collected from urban areas in the northern hemisphere is contaminated by the factors indicated above.
  • The importance of CO2: without it, we all die—nature, environment, animals, and human beings. Currently, the CO2 levels are actually on the very low side: 400 parts per million. Millions of years ago they were 2000 parts per million.
  • The role of the phases of the sun is ignored by scientific consensus in how colder and warmer periods occur.
  • Antarctica records since 1950 show little fluctuation in temperatures.
  • Science is being corrupted by funding to validate false narratives.
  • Free market capitalism has been identified as the enemy which has to be regulated and controlled.
  • The solution is micro-management and government regulation of all aspects of production and of all aspects of personal life: what kind of ESG-compliant heater you use; and reducing mobility in private vehicles that are not electric.
  • The climate change mindset is a giant propaganda assault now shaping society, determining lifestyles,  imposing complicity and indoctrinating falsehood.
  • Climate change is the reason to suppress freedom and criminalise dissent. True Orwellianism.
  • Scientists who do not adhere to the ‘consensus’ narrative are collegially ostracised, banished from publications, and cut off from conferencing and funding. Careers are stalled or killed.
  • Climate alarm is the weaponizing of fear and the demonising of dissent as ‘endangering’ mankind’s survival.

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