No Time For Armchair Insults

It is a fact that the country is rudderless in terms of a government which has wrecked a once-functioning state. It is also a reality that there is a well-established political organisation which is demographically widely supported and has policies which will salvage the country.

Yet Independent Media continue to snipe at the DA as illustrated by its cartoon of April 3 with its wording ‘same old, same old.’ That caption is a cheap, racist shot at the fact that Steenhuizen and Zille were re-elected and continue to head the party. What happened to Independent Media’s masthead slogan “racism stops with me?”

It really makes no sense for Independent Media which chides the ANC and laments the state of the country, continuously finding fault with the only party which has the potential to command a coalition to remove the ANC from power.  Nit-picking at this time is really pathetic.  All parties have faults but given the crisis the country is in, trading armchair insults is like rejecting a lifeline when one is drowning.

For the record, I am not a member of any political party and make these remarks as an independent observer.

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