No Proven Basis To Have The Vax

If The Mercury’s editorial plea of November 15, “Vaccinate to keep others safe,” was premised on scientific evidence, there would be no need to pen these remarks.

First, The Mercury needs to get up to speed on a few facts. What it is asking people to submit to is what the CDC itself conceded on September 1, that the Covid jab is not a vaccine but a “preparation” which may stimulate anti-bodies against Covid but of which there is no guarantee a reality against which all the manufacturers are indemnified.

Therefore, if vaccination was the panacea, how is the safety of others jeopardised once one is vaccinated?

Second, although unreported by the mainstream media, the adverse effects of the so-called vaccines, including premature deaths,  are resulting in the hospitalisation of large numbers of vaccinated people in Belgium, Israel, Western Australia, Singapore and the  New England states where the majority of people have had the jab.

Third, the efficacy of natural immunity to Covid has been proved in 92 separate studies which include those done by Yale and Oxford universities. Instead of applying peer pressure to have the jab, testing for natural immunity could be advised.

Fourth, the recovery rate from Covid-infected cases in South Africa is 96%. In the 18 months since Covid was declared a pandemic, it is claimed that 89,000 people have died from it, while, curiously, no figures are published for deaths from influenza and pneumonia. In 2019 alone, more deaths from TB were recorded – 63,000 – yet no restrictions were applied.

Fifth, it is, therefore, a total fallacy that there is a pandemic which is why the government of Norway has downgraded Covid to influenza status. It is also the reason the Italian Health Department has downgraded the number of Covid deaths in 2020 from 130,000 to just 3,820.

Thus, the question to be posed is:  what is the agenda behind the “prediction” of a so-called “fourth wave” and the “need for stricter” measures? It certainly is not scientific.

So, Mr Editor, there is no basis for your editorial exhortation “Vaccinate to keep others safe.” On the contrary, given the reality of the risk involved in having the jab and the proven power of natural immunity, it is far safer and more sensible NOT to have the jab.

Published in The Mercury on the 16th November 2021.

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