No Merit In Biden’s Changes

Given the uncritical coverage of the Biden Administration by the mass media, Jean Michel’s credulous account of the working of the Biden Administration (The Mercury, March 26) is not surprising.

Claiming that Biden has replaced incompetence with competency, callousness with empathy lies with truth and provided financial relief, simply does not square with the facts.

Although Biden has described the present as a “dark winter,” he threw 15,000 people out of their jobs by stopping work on the Keystone Pipeline. As a result, 14 states are suing his Administration over its moratorium on gas and energy production which has resulted in a 30% increase in fuel costs.

The claim that Biden has promoted financial relief is cynical, to say the least, particularly as regards his $1.9 trillion relief package. Only nine percent of that actually went to the American people in the form of $1,400 cheques – as opposed to the $2,000 Trump had recommended. The rest went on political projects that have nothing to do with Covid relief. In that connection, Covid vaccines are available only because of the initiative and alacrity of Trump’s Operation Warp-speed policy.

Biden’s callousness goes further. He has a $3 trillion tax hike lined up which is set to impoverish Americans by reversing Trump’s tax reductions: small business tax to rise from 31% to 40%; corporate tax from 21% to 28%; capital gains tax from 20% to 40%; estate duty from 0% to 40%; higher taxes on individuals earning more than $200,000.

Whereas Trump had stabilised the southern border, Biden’s open border policy has produced an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. In February, 101,500 immigrants surged across the border. Among them are drug lords, rapists, murderers, human traffickers. Children are being abused to justify adult access. More than 13,000 children are being held in cages that the Obama/Biden Administration built.

Although Mexican President Lopez has accused Biden of causing the crisis, Biden claims there is no crisis. When asked when she is going to visit the border, Kamala Harris laughed and said there was no urgency. Yet while the National Guard are on duty in Washington DC and have to sleep on the floors of garages and warehouses, Biden has authorised $86 million for border immigrants to be housed in hotels.

Whereas foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger hailed Trump’s Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE as “brilliant” in stabilising the Middle East, Biden is reneging on them by appeasing the Iran terror regime.

Although God-fearing principles and values guided America’s founding fathers, with regard to the Democrats’ Equality Act, which denies God’s creation of man and woman and sanctions abortion at term, New York Democrat Congressman, Jerry Nadler, stated on March 8 that “God’s will is of no concern to this Congress.” History shows that fate is not kind to those who mock God.

Sent into The Mercury and published March 27, 2021.

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