No Legal Basis To Favour MK Vets

The doting preference given to so-called MK Vets which has led to union in-fighting and the partial paralysis of essential services in eThekwini municipality illustrates once again the abuse of public resources and funds by the ANC for purely political purposes.

A quarter of a century after the so-called MK ceased to have any relevance, it is simply unacceptable that it is given any sort of priority recognition in job allocation. Besides, how old are these so-called MK Vets? Twenty-five years on, most of them must be approaching retirement age if not older. What qualifications do they have to warrant consideration in the first place?

If so-called MK Vets can enjoy employment priorities, what about SADF Vets? Why should they be ignored?  After all, they were following orders just like those in the MK.

This deplorable situation would not exist if governance was based purely on merit irrespective of race and affiliation. From that premise, competence would prevail which would safeguard public resources and services from abuse and neglect.

If, as the constitution states, we are all equal, then there is no moral or legal basis for preferment of any particular group in either the allocation of employment or the grade to which that group is promoted. Yet, in that respect, the constitution is being defied at all levels of government which is why South Africa is embroiled in a crisis of competence.

The abolition of demographic representivity, cadre deployment and affirmative action is the only way out of this shambles.

Sent into The Mercury and The Daily News and published, 30 April 2019.

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