No Job Creation Through Transformation

Articles like the one by Brian Mahlangu (Mercury, January 22) proclaiming radical transformation as the key to job creation, serve only as an attempt to divert attention away from the ANC’s inability to shrink the ten million-strong army of unemployed.

In trotting out the myth of monopoly white capitalism, which he blames for the high unemployment rate, Mahlangu seems oblivious of the fact that money knows no colour. Thirty-eight percent of the stocks on the JSE are foreign-owned; 46% are owned by corporates. Only 16% is owned by private individuals.

As with other experts on our sputtering economy and its high unemployment, Mahlangu carefully avoids mentioning the role of stringent job-inhibiting labour laws and BEE prescriptions along with the demands of militant socialist trade unions in hobbling economic growth and employment opportunities.

In appealing for radical transformation, Mahlangu claims it will lead to non-racialism. But as most informed people are aware, transformation is simply a cover term for majoritarianism. The only way non-racialism can be achieved is by the application of the principle of merit which ensures that competence prevails rather than demographic representivity.

Equity has no place in the hierarchy of competence which is crucial in the generation of wealth and its corollary, job creation.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 23 January 2019.

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