No Basis For Pfizer To Exploit Children

The Reuters report in The Mercury of May 20 concerning the FDA’s approval of Pfizer booster doses for children exemplifies the lack of objectivity typical of mainstream media reporting on the vaccine narrative.

In justifying continued Pfizer shots for children, the FDA claims that Covid cases are on the rise. But a reality check reveals that Covid rates amongst children in the US are so low that not a single severe case has been recorded (see: RF Kennedy’s The Defender, May 19). In short, there is no Covid emergency in the child population, particularly when it is widely acknowledged that children have far higher natural immunity than adults.

Omitted from the Reuters’ report are details which should alarm even the most ardent vaccine fan. The Pfizer trials of its BioNTech drug were held amongst a small group of 30 children aged 5 to 11, over a period of just 28 days. In terms of objectivity, not only was the test pool of children way too small, but the length of the trial period was too brief to indicate any possible effects.

Yet, without presenting any efficacy data, the claim by Dr Charu Sabharwal, head of clinical research, that the vax is 90% effective, is meaningless. Conspicuously absent from his report, was any reference to possible long term effects or any identification of safety concerns. Yet, as research at Lund University, Sweden, has found, Pfizer’s doses have implications for chromosomal changes.

The latest contrived narrative of Covid amongst children contradicts what the World Health Organisation stated in January that there was “no evidence”  healthy children needed a booster shot. But as the billion-dollar profits of Big Pharma reveal, it is a money-spinner to exploit and to keep exploiting by sustaining the mindset that so-called vaccines and boosters are necessary.

The fact that children are being treated as guinea pigs by the FDA and Pfizer is starkly evident from the statement by the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr Eric Rubin: “We are never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it –that’s just the way it goes.”

It is absolutely wicked that children are being exploited by a corrupt alliance of pharmaceutical, healthcare, mass media and financial interests.

Sent into The Mercury 20 May 2022

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