NHI Is The Cornerstone Of Socialism

Despite every indication that the proposed implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme is a no-brainer, (Mercury, August 12), the decision to proceed with it can be understood only in terms of Saul Alinsky’s timetable of how to subvert states into socialism as detailed in his book Rules for Radicals (1971).

Alinsky listed eight levels of control the implementation of which would result in a fully socialist state. The spheres of control are healthcare, indigence, debt, gun control, welfare, education, religion, and class warfare.

Healthcare is the cornerstone of the strategy. By exercising control over access to all forms of medical service, the resultant dependence and reliance constitutes a firm step towards servitude to the state.

By providing a variety of welfare benefits instead of incentivising job creation, the Alinsky plan promotes increased dependence on the state. Indigent people are politically unlikely to oppose the party that provides for their basic needs. Already 18 million are dependent on state support.

Since socialism is unregenerate, it depends on taxes raised by those who actually generate wealth. Thus, increasing taxation is necessary to finance socialism’s goals. South Africa’s shrinking tax base is already too small to sustain the increasing welfare load,  hence our increasing national debt.

Progressive tightening of gun ownership regulations characterises the road to disarmament and the removal of the right to self-defence. Similarly, political correctness and thought control is being promoted through school education, the subversion of history and the removal of God from public life.

By harping on inequality and promoting falsehoods such as white monopoly capitalism and white theft of land, racial hatred and class warfare is incited and exploited for ideological and political purposes.

Under the ANC, the Alinsky plan has made great strides. But the implementation of NHI constitutes the tipping point. The higher taxation NHI necessitates, will accelerate the emigration of skills and capital while deterring investment and economic growth. Cumulatively, unemployment, debt and poverty will increase.  Along with the expropriation of land without compensation and almost zero economic growth, South Africa is well on its way to the perfect dystopian storm.

In his recent article titled “The coming train smash,” Oxford historian  RW Johnson is absolutely correct in describing the ANC as the most destructive force ever to have afflicted South Africa.

Sent into The Daily News, The Mercury and The Star and published, 14 August 2019.

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