NHI – ANC’s New Badge Of Destructive Achievement

Given the ANC’s track record of cannibalising and looting resources, Health Minister Joe Phaahla’s claim that private and public health services could “complement each other” in the establishment of NHI, is devoid of credibility (The Mercury, June 15).

Phaahla’s claim that both the public and private health sectors are doomed to crash is true only with regard to public health. Its poor state is a reflection of countrywide ANC mismanagement. By ending private medical health, the ANC’s aim is to plunder those resources in a short-term attempt to project NHI as a success.

The consequences will be detrimental to all as doctors flee the country, equipment is broken and health care becomes a nightmare and a memory. For the ANC bigwigs, Cuba and Russia will be their surgery destinations.

Along with Eskom, NHI is set to become the ANC’s latest badge of destructive achievement.

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