Need To Appreciate The Truth About COVID

Wherever Covid-19 restrictions are applied they have a negative socio-economic effect. Business Report of August 5 notes the setback business has again suffered from the recent lockdown while Liberty Holdings paid out 61% more on mortality claims. Yet none of those negatives need occur if the truth about the so-called Covid-19 pandemic was widely appreciated.

In 2015, then-President Obama stated that there was a virus that had been discovered which would become threatening in five years’ time. To allay fears, he gave the assurance that measures to combat the virus were in place. His speech can be seen on Youtube if it has not been removed.

As Obama predicted, the virus –Covid-19 – erupted in 2020. In terms of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the ‘Great Reset’ adopted by the Davos oligarchs led by Klaus Schwab, the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ is the means by which societies and economies are to be transformed, hence lockdowns, social distancing, masking, suspension of civil liberties, closure of churches, restaurants, schools and so on.

To date we have been subjected to this three times with each so-called Covid wave. Now, reference is being made to a fourth wave. This rollercoaster experience is scheduled to last for five years by which time the architects of the Great Reset expect to have achieved the major socio-economic changes they desire.

Their primary aim is to destroy the middle class, impoverish the masses and create dependency on government. Already, thanks to the Covid restrictions twenty percent of small businesses have been wiped out to the detriment of millions of employees. Now we have a Basic Income Grant being added to the already overloaded welfare system. This is in line with the Reset aim of a socialist society where all but the elite are dependent on the state.

Fortunately, there is a pushback against the Orwellian designs of Schwab and the Reset. Several states in the US have rescinded the mandatory wearing of masks and have reverted to open social and economic practice. In contrast to the draconian Covid restrictions imposed by countries like Australia is the experience of Sweden.

Since the onset of the so-called Covid ‘pandemic,’ Sweden did not apply a lockdown nor did it make mask-wearing mandatory. Yet its mortality rates remained almost consistent with past years. The province of Alberta in Canada, on August 3, ended facemask conformity and Covid quarantines.

Unless there is strong civil pushback and rejection of this completely unnecessary, rollercoaster cycle of Covid restrictions being turned on and off at the whim of politicians, South Africa’s economy, already disabled by ANC socialism, is never going to recover. More people have died of TB in past years yet it was never branded as a pandemic nor were civil liberties impeded. If Covid was a pandemic 30% of the population would already be dead.

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