Motlanthe The Statesman

Whatever else lies ahead this year, the words of former president Kgalema Motlanthe at the funeral of Ahmed Kathrada will serve as a shining beacon of hope in a political landscape that has been defiled and morally bankrupted by Jacob Zuma and his ilk.

The fact that Zuma was specifically asked not to attend the funeral speaks volumes which, in turn, was amplified by the ovation Motlanthe and embattled Finance minister Pravin Gordhan received.

But it was how Motlanthe expressed the late Kathrada’s feelings about the political rot that infests South Africa which must surely resonate with every responsible citizen.

With eloquence that Tony Leon would find difficult to eclipse, Motlanthe displayed what is so lacking in South Africa: statesmanship. Ironically,  a funeral, with all that is sad about such occasions, may prove the touchstone and the turning point in salvaging the country from its downward spiral.

Galvanised by the spirit of Kathrada and clearly resolved in terms of their opposition to Zuma, carpe diem time has arrived for the  ANC leadership outside of KZN. The resignation of Zuma and his toadies must be demanded. And, if he is willing, Kgalema Motlanthe installed as President of South Africa.

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