Money-driven Narratives Lack Integrity

The contents of London-based Mushtak Parker’s column (The Mercury, October  9) with its sub-title “Right on the Money” certainly reflect the extent to which money is driving vaccine promotion.

Like the rest of those whose journalistic output is guided by the interests of money, Parker eulogises the Nobel Prize award to the two scientists whose “ingenuity” was instrumental in the development of the mRNA Covid so-called vaccines.

Yet if Parker were truly interested in health matters, he would not praise Big Pharma’s bought scientists for “doing good” for humanity. Instead, he should be digesting the latest official data from the Canadian government which reveals that at least 74% of the vaxxed population have acquired varying degrees of VAIDS – vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome (World Net Daily, October 2).

Parker dismisses the case of a Manchester surgeon whose medical licence has been revoked for contradicting the Covid vax narrative. Yet in London, Dr Angus Dalgleish, an immunology expert at St George’s Hospital has urged the immediate banning of all mRNA “vaccines.” Besides citing their gene-altering technology, he ascribes the increasing number of cancer cases to “several elements” that cause “the perfect storm in cancer development.”

Like thousands of other doctors and scientists who are not in thrall to Big Pharma and its money, Dr Dalgleish states:  “To advise vaccine boosters is no more and no less than medical incompetence and to continue to do so is medical negligence” (World Net Daily, October 6).

If human health was a genuine interest of  Mushtak Parker, he should be questioning why,  since mass vaxxing, cancer cases are increasing, mortality rates are rising, VAIDS is now a reality and adverse effects cases from vaxxing now number in the millions.

If he did that, he would find that those he dismisses as “vaccine deniers” and “conspiracy theorists” are actually purveyors of truth. Then he could change his column’s sub-title to ‘The unsold narrative.’ After all, money-driven narratives lack integrity.

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