Medical Fraud: Time To Apologise

South Africa is truly a country of ironies. Much energy is expended on attempts to seek justice for human rights violations that occurred before 1994 while justice seems to evade those currently involved in looting and state capture. That same irony seems apparent regarding those complicit in propagating the Covid/vaccine medical fraud.

For more than two years the arrogant collusion between the medical acolytes of Big Pharma, their banking and insurance allies, totalitarian politicians and the subservient mass media sustained the fraudulent narrative of a pandemic. That involved the false positives of the PCR tests, incorporation of flu, pneumonia and co-morbidity cases so as to inflate the Covid death rates while refusing use of the proven efficacy of ivermectin. Moreover, they brazenly ignored section 12 (2) of the constitution regarding subjection to untested medical substances, which the negative health effects of the so-called vaccine are increasingly demonstrating.

The following measures which were imposed and enforced had no scientific basis:

  1. The lockdown unnecessarily wiped out 20% of jobs and further exacerbated unemployment. It also severely disrupted schooling and violated the right to religious freedom.
  2. Closure of beaches and public amenities, liquor stores and the banning of cigarette sales, prescribing what sorts of shoes could be sold were products of the Command Council’s Orwellian mindset.
  3. Compulsory wearing of masks: 0ver 400 independent studies collated by the Brownstone Institute in the US concur that masks play no part in inhibiting the migration of the virus and were totally unnecessary besides being unhealthy.
  4. The actual extent of the spread of Covid-19 was never accurately assessed because the PCR test used was never intended specifically to identify Covid-19. But that suited those bent on manufacturing the pandemic narrative. False positive results served to sustain the illusion that a viral tsunami was underway.
  5. The actual number of deaths caused by Covid-19 was never ascertained because flu and pneumonia cases were counted as Covid cases along with co-morbidity cases. Hospitals were instructed not to distinguish between “died of or died with” Covid.
  6. Natural immunity was deliberately downplayed in order to prolong the fraudulent state of emergency. Big Pharma-aligned hospitals and doctors scorned the dispensing of ivermectin despite its proven history of efficacy against viral infections.
  7. The mania to promote the jab, however, is the most wicked legacy of this whole Orwellian experience. From the outset, doctors like Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Robert Mallone, the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration,  Harvard’s Dr Martin Kulldorff, Oxford’s Dr Sunetra Gupta and Dr Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford and many others, bravely opposed Big Pharma and those it funds on the issue of a vaccine.

Their reasons are what millions are now realising today: the so-called Covid vaccines do not produce Covid immunity. Instead, they are noted not only to cause more than 1,000 side effects but have a deleterious effect on natural immunity and are life-threatening. The latest CDC compilation of deaths caused by the vaccines since December 2020 stands at 30,935. With death rates up 10% and 15% respectively in 90% vaxxed Australia and Israel, the chickens are coming home to roost. In the haste to reap billions in sales, the so-called vaccines were never thoroughly tested.

Some big names need now to stand up and apologise for deliberately misleading the public and being complicit in medical fraud, unscientific measures and unnecessarily causing socio-economic hardship for millions.

 Let’s start with two particular members of the Command Council. Ministers N D Zuma and Ebrahim Patel abetted by World Health Organisation functionary, Professor Salim Abdool Karim, enforced totally unscientific mask-wearing, lockdowns, social distancing, and closure of beaches, schools, and churches.

Among the big business heads, Lungisa Fuzile of Standard Bank, Ian Williamson of Old Mutual and Adrian Gore of Discovery were complicit in coercing employees to have the jab and in Gore’s case, being part of the Big Pharma chorus extolling the jab. Caxton media need to apologise for repeatedly publishing fake articles about the jab and denigrating the case against it.

By uncritically embracing the Covid pandemic/vaccine narrative, these people and their fellow travellers have done a disservice to millions. As time goes by, their legacy is set to bring more misery to many as declining health amongst the vaxxed in Britain, Germany, Israel, North America, Australia and New Zealand is proving. Apologising for their stance is the minimum they should perform. Class action suits would be more deserving.

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