Media Ignoring Rise Of Marxism In USA

In a speech to Western diplomats on November 18, 1956, Soviet Communist boss Nikita Krushchev boasted that it would not be necessary for communism to invade the US because America would succumb to communism without a shot being fired.

Sixty-five years later it seems Kruschev’s boast is materialising under the Biden Administration. ‘Marxism in small doses,’ has long been the strategy by which countries are subverted. Since the accession of the Biden Administration to power, that process has seen a remarkable acceleration. Yet, ironically, it seems to have escaped the scrutiny of the mass media which never missed an opportunity to rubbish the Trump Administration.

Sowing division in society is a primary aspect of Marxist strategy. Since the arrival of the Manchurian president in office, his primary message has been to promote discord amongst Americans. In his July 4 message, Biden flagrantly asserted that election reforms being promoted by Trump Republicans requiring voter ID posed “the greatest threat to the US since the Civil War.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is officially  Biden Administration policy. Fundamentally incompatible with the traditional values and heritage of the US, it is a Marxist strategy to subvert history and heritage, the flag and love for one’s country while promoting racial division, demonising political opponents and labelling white people as racists bent on supremacy.  Biden’s Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, paused all US military operations for 60 days specifically to “root out white supremacy.”  The five million-strong National Education Association of teachers is adamant that it will apply CRT regardless of the opposition of parents and schools. To date, 22 states have banned CRT.

Sent to several newspapers 24 July 2021.

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