Mayor Kaunda’s Tourism Spin Disputed

Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda claims that since the Queen Mary 2 paid a very brief visit to Durban harbour, one swallow makes a summer and, therefore, eThekwini’s tourism is now revived. But the front page report in The Mercury of April 6 of the demise of the beachfront tells a different story.

The closure of the iconic beachfront Funworld after more than 60 years because of the degradation of the area does not square with Kaunda’s spin. The indifference of the municipality in failing to respond to Nic Steyn’s letter of Notice reflects the arrogance of these ANC mandarins whose “governance” is funded by ratepayers.

Filling his bloated report with details about tourism indabas and projections does  nothing to disguise the fact that Umhlanga is the tourist node of preference because of the crime and grime in Durban.  If it was not for the ICC hosting events, most tourists would avoid Durban which the ANC claims will be Africa’s “most caring and liveable city by 2030.”

Dream on, Kaunda. The only thing that might make 2030 worth anticipating will be if the ANC is out of power.

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