Mass Media Shake-up In The US

The decision by Facebook and Instagram to reinstate Donald Trump’s access to their platforms (The Mercury, January 27) coincides with significant developments regarding the integrity of the media narratives of several issues in the US.

It is well known that the number of followers of mainstream media has been declining. A Gallup poll conducted last October found that two-thirds of US adults distrusted the accuracy of mainstream news bulletins. Growing as more credible sources of news are Fox and Newsmax along with platforms like Rumble and Truth Social while CNN’s top shows barely manage a viewership of 500,000.

The timing of Trump’s reinstatement coincides with a major upheaval in control of the news narrative. Since Musk’s takeover of Twitter and his pledge to uphold the first amendment, disclosures dripping out from Twitter have exposed the collusion of Big Tech (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) with the Biden regime in suppressing and censoring news and views.

But what is now overpowering the mainstream’s lock on narrative control is Republican control of the House and the investigations it has launched into the weaponisation of government agencies like the Department of Justice and the FBI along with the suppression of dissent on narratives concerning the pandemic, the January 6 protest, the vaccines, the Hunter Biden laptop, the invasion of the southern border, the funding of the Zelensky regime in Ukraine, Biden’s business links with China.

The pledge of Speaker Kevin McCarthy to release the suppressed footage of events on January 6, 2021, and the roles of Nancy Pelosi, the mayor of Washington DC and the FBI in fomenting the violence that occurred on that day will demolish the narrative that Trump was responsible. As the Wall Street Journal predicted a year ago, on January 7, 2022: “the January 6 Big Lie narrative will fail.”

Thus, the mainstream media is in a quandary because it has lost control of sustaining narratives. The sudden volte face by Zuckerberg’s Meta that people like Trump “should be able to have their voices heard” has nothing to do with Meta’s conscience but everything to do with the need to salvage its declining revenue which was down $11 billion by last October.

The mainstream media faces a shake-up as it attempts to extricate itself from the tangled web of deception it has woven and the intellectual servility it has fostered. John Milton’s view is poised to remind us that truth triumphs in a free and open encounter.

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