Malema Should Have Picked Another Day

Predictably Malema has described his attempt to shut down the country on March 20 as a success. But for a more realistic indication of what he intended to achieve, he should have picked another day.

Long before Malema selected March 20, the Education Dept had designated that day as a school holiday linking it to the public holiday on March 21 thereby making it a long weekend. Given the public’s ability not to miss a holiday opportunity, March 20 was going to be a holiday for most.

So while red communist shirts were in evidence, they were mostly on their own. In any event, Malema’s motives for shutting down the country were ridiculous. Load shedding for Eskom is like life-support for an ailing person: to abandon it will result in total system crash. Calling for Ramaphosa’s resignation is just political theatre. He’ll resign when the ANC tells him to and not because the Constitution requires that of him.

If Malema picked a Wednesday in a week where there is no public holiday, it is very doubtful that his antics would have been any more significant than fleas on a dog.

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