Mainstream Media Pushing COVID Agenda

Anthony Starkey’s view that “fringe publications should not be taken seriously” (The Mercury, September 14), illustrates the extent to which the mainstream media have succeeded in determining the narrative on Covid-19.

Starkey makes no attempt to rebut the historical fact that Covid-19 is not a pandemic and ignores my references to the ineffectiveness and adverse effects of the vaccines. Instead, he bases his rejection of my arguments, published on September 10, not on their factual integrity but on the credibility of a source I quoted, namely, World Net Daily.

Significantly, if the facts I had sourced had come from the Washington Post, which Starkey cites with acclaim, it is unlikely that he would have pursued the issue. The question Starkey should be asking himself is why the Washington Post does not report the extensive accounts of the adverse effects of the Covid vaccines. Does it not occur to him that there may be an agenda to which the Post is adhering which is why it denigrates sources which deviate from its narrative?

The reality of the dissemination of news and views is that there is an information war. Owned by Amazon, the Washington Post is an integral part of Big Tech-controlled media which have arrogated to themselves the right to determine the narrative on issues such as the response to Covid-19.

But research that ignores that context is likely to render only Pavlovian results. The bibliography of any well-researched subject will invariably reflect sources across a range of ideologies and contexts which is why it is necessary to look critically beyond what the mainstream media have anointed as the narrative on Covid-19.

Published in The Mercury September 15, 2021

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