Lessons From The Amish Response To COVID

The response of the Amish community in Ohio to Covid-19 substantiates the stance of many scientists and doctors who opposed the narrative of draconian restrictions imposed by the World Health Organisation and its political servants.

When Covid first became apparent among the Amish community of 38,000 in Holmes County, Ohio, the only response of those who were employed outside of the settlement or visited public places, was to wear masks.  Their schools and religious services continued as usual with none of the protocols that were enforced on the rest of Americans.

A few of the elderly Amish passed on, earlier than they might have, according to spokesman Marvin Wengerd, but as sudden as the onset of Covid had been, it left. And that was all months before any so-called vaccine was available.

The Amish experience substantiates what vax critic Dr Robert Malone and the 60,000 signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration have maintained: no extreme responses were required. The virus would have passed on naturally. Instead, through the influence of Big Pharma and politicians whose agenda used health as an excuse to diminish human rights and freedoms, massive socio-economic disruption and ruin was suffered by millions.

Whereas the Amish in Ohio have acquired natural immunity and continue their lives as if Covid never happened, it is both ironic and tragic that thanks to the narrative which promotes a drug wrongly called a vaccine, Covid persists because that drug weakens immune systems. That fact is known by Big Pharma and the CDC, yet criminally they promote booster shots thereby further weakening recipients while ensuring continued profits.

By following the money trail it is clearly apparent that the health paranoia about Covid was promoted to mask two objectives: the pursuit of obscene financial gain by an oligarchy while simultaneously advancing the mission statement of the World Economic Forum, namely, to create a global autocracy on the ashes of “the rule of markets,” and the sovereignty of nations.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 31 May 2022

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