Kavanaugh’s Ordeal In Perspective

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer’s description of Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the US Supreme Court as one of “the saddest moments in the history of the Senate” (Mercury, October 8) is correct but for none of the reasons Schumer contends.

The protracted and squalid process to which Kavanaugh was subjected has been termed a “national disgrace” by 93% of Americans polled, responsibility for which lies squarely on Schumer’s so-called Democrats. From the moment Kavanaugh’s nomination was announced, Schumer pledged to oppose it. For three months his colleague, Dianne Feinstein, sat on a letter she had received from a Dr Ford alleging that Kavanaugh had sexually molested her in 1982 or 1983, she could not recall exactly. When the Senate’s role in adjudicating Kavanaugh’s eligibility was nearing an end, Feinstein produced the letter.

What had been a job application up until that point then turned into a vitriolic character assassination ordeal unprecedented in the history of appointments to the US Supreme Court. For Schumer now, to claim that Kavanaugh “lacked the temperament” to be a Supreme Court Justice is contrived nonsense. Kavanaugh’s robust defence of his integrity and his family in the face of the unsubstantiated claims by Dr Ford have nothing to do with temperament, as Schumer avers. How else was Kavanaugh supposed to have responded in the face of false accusations which were being deliberately exploited for political ends?

Thanks to the obfuscating and delaying tactics deployed by Schumer and his ilk along with the George Soros- sponsored far left-wing fanatical demonstrations, violence and intimidation transcended the peaceful right to freedom of speech and the right to dissent.

The real loser in American politics is liberalism. Previously it resided in the Democratic Party. But sadly it has now been replaced by extreme intolerance and socialism.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 9 October 2018.

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