Jaundiced Reporting On Trump Reviewed

A review of the language used in The Mercury’s April 16 AFP report on the Biden regime’s ongoing persecution of its political nemesis reflects the jaundiced nature of the mainstream media’s approach to anything involving Donald Trump.

In terms of context, Trump is not “scandal-plagued.” All four of the cases against him are bogus and are being pursued purely as part of the Deep State’s determination to hobble, stymie and obstruct Trump’s return to the White House. The current one concerning Stormy Daniels is being held despite the expiration of its allegation in terms of the statute of limitations.

The term “criminal” is used pejoratively despite the principle of innocence until proven guilty. Without providing the average reader with an idea of how baseless the Daniels case is, the AFP report freely speculates that Trump faces the prospect of becoming a convicted felon. But then, regardless of the facts, it is the mainstream media’s agenda to portray Trump as unworthy of high office.

In keeping with its narrative that Trump’s Maga supporters are a threat to democracy, AFP terms his election campaign as “explosive,” despite the peaceful, patriotic nature of the tens of thousands who attend his rallies.

Those crowds are not “hard right,” as the AFP terms them. Trump’s entire political pitch is to uphold the Constitution. There is nothing polemic about that. Why do the mainstream media not condemn the Biden regime’s violation of the First Amendment by branding political opponents as “domestic terrorists?”

Accusing Trump of “vengeance” is another outright lie. He has categorically stated that the only vengeance he will inflict will be the success of his policies.

Claiming Trump sought to “subvert” the 2020 election is a standard mainstream media narrative, despite evidence which continues to emerge proving it was the Deep State Democrat Party that subverted the election, which is why Biden’s presidency is illegitimate.

Trump’s questioning of the outcome of that election was no different from Al Gore’s questioning of the outcome of the 2000 election when Bush scraped home with 500 questionable votes in Florida. Al Gore was not charged with election interference, yet that is the baseless indictment Trump faces in Georgia.

Despite his full cooperation with the National Archives, AFP fails to point out that as president, Trump has the right to declassify documents and as such they are not “top secret.” Yet Trump is being charged for that while Bill Clinton got off scot-free after keeping nuclear codes in his sock drawer. Biden has boxes of documents lying unsecured in his garage. How come he is not indicted?

When a regime unconstitutionally censors, indicts and imprisons its opponents, it ceases to call itself a democracy because such conduct is that of a police state. The extent to which the mainstream media is complicit in that narrative is a dark period in American history.

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