Jacinda Ardern Is Unworthy Of Any Accolades

By bestowing the title of “Dame” on its former Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern,  the political establishment of New Zealand, not surprisingly, has acclaimed Ardern’s fascist rule as an achievement despite New Zealand’s constitution and Bill of Rights.

Ardern used the contrived Covid pandemic to impose draconian regulations of lockdowns, mask-wearing and social isolation despite the voices of brave scientists who counselled that such measures were completely unnecessary, undemocratic and counter-productive.

She proclaimed herself as the high priestess and sole arbiter of truth. She weaponised the state into crushing and criminalising dissent. In so doing, she subverted rational discourse and legalised suppression of dissent.  She ignored New Zealand’s constitution and Bill of Rights and ruled by fiat. In that respect, she displayed classic Fascist conduct.

She refuted brave scientific voices who advised against the untested, unproven concoction wrongly termed as a “vaccine.” As a result of her coercion compelling people to be vaccinated, New Zealand’s death rate is at an all-time high.

She prevented 5,000 New Zealanders from returning to their country because of her contrived narrative that they posed a health threat. She insisted on costly quarantine isolation and intentionally ignored natural immunity as the obvious antidote to infection.

Despite all of that, in resigning as Prime Minister, Ardern had the gall to ask that she be remembered as “someone who tried to be kind.”

When such a person is held up as being worthy of acclaim, it is an indicator of the extent to which standards and truth have been subverted.

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