Information War Set To Intensify In 2023

Whereas resolutions and predictions are always the feature of a New Year, one certainty of 2023 is the continuation of the media information war. Expect fresh exposure to globalist collusion in suppressing dissenting challenges to their anointed narratives.

Electronic media has become the most powerful means of population control. It is evident from the fact that six months since the rescinding of the mask mandate, thousands continue to wear masks despite the proven fact that masks do not impede viral penetration. But then the mass media has never purveyed that fact.

The Biden regime has authorised $475 million expenditure urging the US population to get booster shots despite the mounting evidence that those shots are harmful to health and have already caused tens of thousands of deaths. But then the mass media does not report that fact. Instead, it couches it with the term “cause of death unknown” or “died suddenly.”

In 1976 a vaccine against swine flu was withdrawn after it caused the deaths of 1 in every 100,000. In 1999, a vaccine was suspended when it was established that it caused the deaths of 1 in every 10,000 recipients. Why has the mRNA vax not been suspended despite calls by eminent cardiologists like Dr Aseem Malhotra and countless doctors in the US, UK and elsewhere?

The silence of the mass media on that is because it is in lockstep with Big Pharma, Big Tech and the political functionaries of the World Economic Forum’s Great Re-Set agenda of population control.

Along with controlling health, the globalists are advancing their agenda to impede mobility and promote discomfort while impoverishing the masses. Their claim that fossil fuels have to be banished in order to save the planet enjoys saturation mass media dissemination despite its absolute falsehood.

Since 2008 Europe has spent $800 billion subsidising so-called renewable energy. The results are that energy bills have increased by 80% while a quarter of the population cannot afford the cost of heating their homes in the winter.

The vacuous “pain at the pump” rhetoric of the greens who have manufactured the fuel crisis deserves bitter contempt. Yet they travel in private jets and, like Biden, holiday in the Virgin Islands while Americans endure freezing conditions with diesel shortages and power outages.

Given the growing pushback against the lies of the globalists as witnessed in Brazil, Italy and France and the increasing reach of alternative media, globalists’ control of the narratives is in jeopardy. Thus, the information war for population control looks set to intensify in 2023.

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