Hypocrisy Of WEF Elites

For sheer hypocrisy, it is difficult to beat the disingenuous expressions of dismay uttered by the WEF elites and their leashed political minions at the extent to which the application of their unscientific lockdowns caused global economic setback (Business Report, January 24).

Despite a phalanx of medical opinion against the various restrictive measures taken in the quest to combat and contain the Covid-19, the WEF cabal ignored that opinion and allowed their political gauleiters to contravene every avenue of personal freedom and enterprise.

For Australian prime minister Scott Morrison to pontificate on what is needed for “strong economic recovery” bristles with hypocrisy. This is the man who endorsed the most draconian measures in supposedly combatting the virus. They included virtual imprisonment of the citizens of Melbourne in a 43-day lockdown; the violent assault by police on those dissenting the draconian measures. And, worst of all, the construction of isolation camps in the Northern Territory in which people were forcibly incarcerated merely on suspicion of having had contact with an infected person.

Nowhere is there any sign of apology or mea culpas from the architects of the economic misery their unscientific measures caused. But then given the bubble within which they live, that is not surprising. All of them posted massive profits and gains while the rest of the world was grappling with surviving from day-to-day.

In the days and weeks ahead, we can expect to see all sorts of attempts to walk back from the economic mayhem the elites and their minions have caused. The new narrative is to ingratiate themselves with the masses so as to divert attention away from their culpability.

An example of their feigned innocence is to be found on Bill Gates’ website. Posted on January 19, he wrote: “Two months ago the world did not know about the omicron variant.” Really, Bill?  Two months ago books on omicron were on sale on amazon. One of the titles was published in 2020.

Those who promulgated and propagated the lies, untruths, coercion, censorship and demonization of dissent, social discrimination and violations of basic liberties of the past two years deserve reproach and condemnation.

The one positive to emerge from all of this is that it alerted people as to their rights and to the folly of allowing their elected leaders to act as dictators. Far from the Great Re-Set which the WEF cabal had planned, they now face a great democratic revival based on the most fundamental of all principles – We, The People.

Sent into The Mercury published 24 January 2022.

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