Hypocrisy Of Media’s Tolerance Of Biden

During Donald Trump’s presidency never a day passed without hostile, negative mainstream media reporting, the vindictive Russia hoax investigation along with impeachments and relentless accusations against members of his family. Yet Joe Biden’s blatant violations of his oath of office and un-American policies are devoid of critical mainstream media attention.

The fact that the following actions of the Biden Administration enjoy media tolerance amounts to hypocrisy:

  • Whereas Trump’s efforts to protect the security of the US southern border were criticised, Biden promotes illegal immigration. Already two million illegal aliens have been permitted to enter and been transported freely to all parts of the US. Yet Biden offered $14 billion to Ukraine to protect its borders.
  • Violation of the 1st amendment by awarding $1 billion to the mainstream media to ensure that dissenting and contrary news and opinions regarding Covid and vaxxing are censored.
  • In violation of the 1st amendment, requiring the US military to compile a database of those who cite religious convictions for refusing to be vaxxed.
  • Abandonment of 9,000 American citizens in Afghanistan along with $80 billion worth of military hardware.
  • Deliberately ending America’s energy independence and driving up fuel costs while lying that it did not deter US oil production when in October 2021 the Congressional Oversight committee instructed US oil companies to produce less fuel.
  • Deliberately abandoning Trump’s Kissinger-acclaimed Abraham Accords and appeasing Iran’s nuclear intentions.
  • Allowing woke companies to continue to enjoy tax breaks while they promote un-American Critical Race Theory in schools.
  • Labelling parents who oppose Critical Race Theory as “domestic terrorists” and weaponising the FBI to harass them.
  • Deliberately endorsing profligate spending which has resulted in the inflation rate exceeding 8% – the highest level since the Carter years.
  • Promoting inhuman, un-American, un-Christian transgender treatments which involve chemical and surgical mutilation of the genitalia of children and packaging it as “Gender affirming care” which will “improve mental health and increase happiness.”
  • Continuing to deny the politically devastating contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation” despite the mainstream media conceding its authenticity.
  • Refusing to acknowledge the veracity of bank statements released by Senators Grassley and Johnson which show that Joe Biden received 10% of the $4,8 million his son was paid over 14 months from the CEFC, a Chinese Communist Party-linked company.

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