History Contradicts Green Energy Narrative

It was fascinating to read UKZN Associate Professor Vannie Naidoo’s fervent discourse on climate change (The Mercury, February 28) and ponder whether those views are her own or whether she is a proxy of the globalists “go green and save the planet” narrative.

There is no excuse for those who call themselves educated and researchers to ascribe the floods in KZN last year to climate change which is being exacerbated by fossil fuel emissions. How does Professor Naidoo explain the major flood of April 1856 when over 600mm fell over five days in Natal? What about the flood of August 1868 when 425mm fell in two days and swept away the newly erected bridge over the Umgeni River? How about the devastating rain, hail and snow storm which swept the entire province late in May 1905 causing unprecedented loss of life and infrastructure?

During those years fossil fuel emissions were unheard of. How does Professor Naidoo respond to the fact that over the past 60 years temperatures have been consistent? How does she account for the two global warming periods that occurred between 200BC and 1200AD when fossil fuels were underground? What about the cooling period that occurred in the late medieval period when the Thames froze over in winter?

If Professor Naidoo took these historical facts into account, she should conclude that climate change is a natural occurrence that is not man-made. Seeking to benefit the planet by reducing carbon dioxide emissions is an absolute fallacy which, actually, will have a devastating effect on the environment.

As Princeton Professor William Happer explained in a paper presented to the US Senate, higher CO2 levels are essential to plant growth. Rhodes University has proved that through its large-scale, elevated CO2 research study. Crop growth responded positively even under drought conditions.  Thousands of scientists know this, but it does not pay them to say so.

By reducing CO2 emissions, what the globalists will achieve is a food shortage and starvation for millions who cannot afford higher food costs. But then, that is the plan of the globalist elite. As their Fuhrer, Klaus Schwab of the WEF has stated, there are too many “useless eaters.”

As we are seeing with the admission of  falsehoods concerning the Covid PCR tests,  masks, lockdowns, contrived Covid death rates and the jab, we live in an era of giant hoaxes perpetrated by the global elite and their proxies in politics, the media, science and universities. The green energy narrative will fail not only because it is false and unaffordable but because it is contradicted by history.

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