Hillary Clinton’s Un-American Agenda

Fourteen months after being defeated in her bid for the White House, Hillary Clinton’s continued denigration of Americans who did not vote for her (CNN, March 13) exposes her not only as a very poor loser but as an opponent of the democratic process.

Although she may have won more popular votes than Trump – more than a million of which were found, subsequently, to be illicit – she was soundly defeated in the Electoral College vote by 306 to 232. Moreover, she failed to carry key Democratic states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. When Al Gore lost his White House bid to George W Bush by a few hundred votes cast in Florida in 2000, he conceded defeat and moved on.

But by her ongoing denigration of the result of the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton shows herself to be shamelessly illiberal and politically psychotic. This was apparent when recently she claimed in a CNN report that Trump’s victory was based on “backwards” voters and on people who were racists and sexists.

During the 2016 election campaign, Hillary referred to Trump supporters as “deplorable”.

She subsequently apologised for her remark. But the fact that she now attempts to denigrate those voters as “backwards” shows that her apology at the time was totally disingenuous. Indeed, her remarks about the choice her fellow Americans made can only be described as un-American.

Absent from Hillary’s attempted critique about why she lost is any reference to why voters rejected her. That, of course, is no surprise, After all, self-abnegation is not within her capacity or that of the political elite.

In claiming that “America does not deserve Trump” and by deprecating the idea of making America great again, Hillary Clinton and her ilk display an agenda that is undemocratic and contrary to the ideals on which the USA is based. For her un-American agenda, history has consigned her to the dustbin where she belongs.

Sent into The Washington Times, Natal Mercury and Daily News and published, 14 March 2018

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