Green Agenda’s Day Of Reckoning Beckons

Would articles exhorting people to drink less water because the planet was drying up find ready acceptance?  Certainly not.  And they would be dismissed as “misinformation.”  Yet, despite not an iota of proof that climate change is caused by human exploitation of carbon, that misinformation is fervently posted as dogma without reference to opposing views.

Carbon is the DNA of life on the planet. It has nothing to do with climate change. To remove carbon would dial back the planet to pre-industrial revolution days in terms of technology. Life as we know it would revert to an agrarian, subsistence age.

Thus, the claim by Dipak Patel of the Climate Commission (Business Report, November 15) that “the just transition [to zero greenhouse emissions] is a pathway to ensure a quality life for all” is sheer fiction. Worse still, it is deception on a monumental scale because of the catastrophic human consequences of this madness.

Posturing themselves as custodians of human life, the hypocrisy of the green fanatics is galling. What they omit to disclose is that without fossil fuels, it will be impossible to feed the planet; without fossil fuels, millions will be unemployed in any job that concerns mining, engineering, transport, factory production, and lubrication, to say nothing of basic household living involving cooking, cleaning, and heating.

The omission of those realities is deliberate. The agenda of the WEF-directed green ideology is premised on depopulation. The WEF gauleiter, Klaus Schwab, can be viewed on YouTube expressing the need to get rid of the “useless eaters” so that the global population can be reduced to around one billion of highly controlled human lemmings.

Despite the absolute falsehood of the whole “green transition” agenda, the opportunity to make money by trading carbon credits is being exploited by what are hailed as “savvy entrepreneurs.”  A whole industry has mushroomed that invests in the unreliable, intermittent, and hugely expensive so-called renewables.

These same trailblazers will exploit this charade until its bubble inevitably bursts. The vast oil and gas finds off the West Coast will ensure the fossil fuel future of South Africa while Trump has vowed to return the US to fossil fuel self-sufficiency.

Just as the lies about the efficacy of the COVID vaccine have been exposed, so the day of reckoning for the green’s agenda beckons.

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