Gore’s Assault On Science And Economics

Adrian Gore’s claim that Discovery Green’s renewable energy platform will produce more affordable energy and reduce the carbon footprint is an assault on science and economics (Business Report, September 7).

As a member of the World Economic Forum, it is not surprising that he is promoting the debunked narrative that CO2 emissions are causing climate change.

For all of Gore’s business acumen, it is remarkable that he blithely ignores the vast quantities of minerals that would have to be mined and transported in order to manufacture wind turbines, solar panels and the batteries needed to store the energy they intermittently produce.

How does he think any of that can be achieved without fossil fuel energy and lubrication?  Has he considered the extent to which his green pursuit would further increase the CO2 emissions which he falsely vilifies?

For all his professed environmental concern, is he aware that renewables cannot be recycled and their disposal poses an environmental quandary? Furthermore, he is silent on the fact that they have to be imported which is great for China’s economy.

But beyond those issues, why would anyone want to invest R20 billion in Gore’s intermittent energy platform? Following the major gas and oil discoveries off our west coast it should be obvious that renewables will never be anything more than peripheral to energy production in South Africa.

A smart move for the cheapest energy would be to invest in nuclear production which has no carbon footprint and its waste disposal is diminutive.

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