Good Riddance To 28 Million COVID Vax Doses

The concern expressed by IFP MP Duduzile Hlengwa at the fact that 28 million doses of Covid-19 so-called vaccines will go unused (The Mercury, June 20) provides shameful evidence of how ill-informed politicians are about the true facts on this issue.

In the first place, as the WHO announced on May 4, Covid-19 is no longer a global emergency. So those 28 million doses have no purpose. But now that hundreds of millions of people worldwide were recipients of the Covid so-called vaccines, the truth about the jab is dripping out.

US Health Dept records obtained in a lawsuit under Freedom of Information legislation show that FDA officials knew of the adverse effects of the so-called vaccines two years ago but nonetheless promoted vaxxing. Pfizer was also aware of their ineffectiveness but remained mute about that while the Company made $100 billion from vax doses by  2022.

Before she suddenly resigned as CDC Director last month, Dr Rachelle Walensky conceded that the vax did not stop the spread of Covid and that boosters had only negative consequences. Pfizer’s own data showed that its vax was never safe for pregnant women when its clinical tests showed high rates of miscarriage. RF Kennedy’s The Defender of March 27 reported that the rate of stillbirths in the US is unprecedented.

Death rates since mass vaxxing has reached the highest level in 80 years in Australia. In New Zealand, death rates are the highest in a century. Death rates since vaxxing are up 9% in the UK and 8% in Canada and Germany. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has noted record health impairment occurring.

Headed by Dr Melissa McCann, 500 Australians have mounted the world’s first Covid vax injury class action against their government for gross negligence in coercing vaxxing.

That is what should be happening in South Africa, particularly in the Western Cape whose provincial premier Alan Winde not only ardently promoted vaxxing but opposed the dissenting vax views of Dr Aseem Malhotra.

 What is emerging is that what was promoted as an antidote to Covid-19 was a complete lie. Worse still, what is now apparent is that the mRNA in the vax is actually a bio-weapon intended to depopulate the planet through illness, early deaths and infertility. 28 million Covid vax doses going unused is actually good riddance.

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