Glorifying Cuban Socialism Is Fiction

Reading the remarks of Cuba’s Ambassador to South Africa, Enrique Gonzalez, (The Mercury, May 13), one wonders how Gonzalez and his fellow travellers can persist in ignoring the long since expired sell-by date of their failed ideology.

In terms of squalid living conditions and the absence of freedom in Cuba, Gonzalez’ presentation of Cuba’s pursuit for “social justice, peace and equity in a better world,” is an appalling untruth. In most respects, life in Cuba is in an arrested state of development presided over by a totalitarian regime.

For Ambassador Gonzalez to refer to South Africans as Cuba’s “brothers and sisters” is sheer fiction. Only the elite of the ANC qualify for that reference, exemplified by the late former minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala Msimang, who called Cuba her favourite holiday destination.

The groundswell of resentment at how living conditions in South Africa have deteriorated under the ANC represents exactly what the likes of Ambassador Gonzalez attempt to extol about Cuba. No thinking voter should aspire to that.

It’s time the publication of articles glorifying socialism carry a grading in terms of fiction.

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