Globalist Narratives Are Disingenuous

Sadly, the common thread manifested in the remarks of Kim Weir and Gabi Marais (The Mercury, July 20) is the extent to which they adhere to the globalist narrative regarding Covid, Trump and Ukraine.

Concerning Kim Weir:

Whilst the violation of democratic freedoms in Russia is reprehensible, why does that critical narrative not extend to:

  • The purpose of 46 bio-labs in Ukraine which was built and financed by the US government.
  • The existence of massive child trafficking and money laundering in Ukraine.
  • Recognising Covid is not under control. In every highly vaxxed country, fresh Covid cases are rife. Worse still, the negative effects of the drug erroneously called a vaccine, are manifested in increasing death rates, miscarriages, cardiac cases among the fit and healthy, and diminishing fertility rates among women.
  • Recognising that vaxxing has caused a massive health crisis. So why are governments and Big Pharma knowingly promoting a drug which, instead of producing immunity, is weakening immune systems thereby jeopardising general health and even causing premature death?

Concerning Gabi Marais:

  • The omission of Palestine from Trump’s Abraham Accords is the reason it was applauded. It established some common ground amongst the signatories that previously were not negotiable.
  • Trump endorsed HCQ which, as thousands of doctors not beholden to the dictates of Big Pharma have proved, is effective in combating Covid.
  • Ivana Trump’s opinion on the integrity of the 2020 election has been overtaken by irrefutable data which shows that up to 4,5 million votes were illegally cast in swing states.
  • The blame for the lack of security on January 6, 2021, rests entirely with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the DC mayor as the officers responsible for the Capitol’s safety – not the US President. Yet they both refused Trump’s offer of 10,000 guardsmen made on January 3.

To Kim and Gabi:  instead of claiming my submissions amount to “polluting” the letters columns, either make a credible effort to refute them or recognise that the globalist narratives are disingenuous.

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