Globalist Climate Narrative Questioned

Dr Mahmoud Baker’s fluent embrace of the narrative that climate change is man-made is a tribute to the efficacy of the globalists’ Orwellian agenda of thought control (The Mercury, August 8).

Nowhere in these columns have I denied climate change. Instead, repeatedly I have emphasised that it is a natural and historical phenomenon. Repeatedly I have cited two warming periods over the past 2000 years when fossil fuels were unknown. Repeatedly, I have pointed out how none of the environmental catastrophes predicted since 1970 has occurred.

Exceptional weather has occurred in every century proving that fossil fuel emissions have nothing to do with such extremes. The violent weather front that engulfed the whole of Natal from May 31 – June 2, 1905 – when fossil fuel usage was minimal – remains the worst ever recorded in the province.

Driving climate alarmism is the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Apart from a small contingent of bought scientists, the IPCC is a political body. The models it uses to conjure up climate alarmism are deeply flawed according to Dr John Christy of the Earth System and Science Centre at the University of Alabama. Dr Christy’s application of substantiated data refutes the IPCC projected global warming narrative.

As cited in previous letters, many scientists not only recognise climate alarmism as false but emphasise how necessary CO2 is for plant and crop life. Significantly, the present ‘warm’ period is actually less warm than the one which ended 800 years ago when fossil fuels were underground.

In affirming his support for “transitioning to renewable energy sources,” has it occurred to Dr Baker how those sources could be mined, manufactured and transported without equipment that requires fossil fuel energy and lubrication?

Has Dr Baker considered why scientific and historically based rejection of the narrative on climate change is disparaged and ignored? Has it not occurred to him that the censoring of such dissent by the globalists, in lockstep with their bought politicians, scientists and mass media, constitutes a conspiracy?

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