Globalism’s Parallel With The Tower Of Babel

There’s a significant parallel between the drivers of the COP 28 summit and the construction of the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament.

In both cases, the goal of the proponents was and is the achievement of “one people, one language, one government” in a borderless world “for the common good.” In both cases, God-ordained human diversity and the elements with which he purposefully endowed the planet were and are being defied.

The Babel champions defied convention by substituting baked bricks for stone and tar in place of mortar. The dissembling globalist COP 28 climate “experts” seek to eradicate oil, coal, and gas, from which 80% of the world’s energy is derived, and to rely on the sun and wind for energy needs.

The Tower of Babel project failed as a result of divine intervention, when God sowed confusion amongst the builders and reminded them of the waywardness of their intentions in terms of his creation.

The COP 28 elite face the same fate, having exchanged truth for lies. It is a proven scientific fact that carbon dioxide is essential for plant and vegetation growth. Where gaseous emissions are deleterious to health, nature supplies the antidote: trees absorb carbon dioxide.

Historic proof over 2000 years shows that warming periods are natural and totally unrelated to human activities. In order to understand the COP28 narrative, which cites thousands of scientists blaming fossil fuels for global warming, all that is needed is to follow the money trail.

Like the doctors who fervently promoted Big Pharma’s vaccines, anti-fossil fuel scientists are funded by adherents of the World Economic Forum and their Orwellian Great Re-Set agenda.

Those alarmed by the COP 28 narrative should consider the dystopian catastrophe that would result from the elimination of coal, oil, and gas. In South Africa’s case, how can the impossible cost of R1 trillion be even remotely considered for what is deceptively called a “just energy transition” when we have bountiful sources of oil and gas just waiting to be exploited?

From that introspection, it should be clear that the remedy being prescribed is infinitely worse than the contrived “threat” of a one-degree Celsius increase in global temperatures.

The lesson of the Tower of Babel is that globalism is doomed. Resistance to it is building politically and economically as the lie of the globalist oligarchy are exposed.

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