Global Health Under Totalitarian Threat

Two news reports in The Mercury of April 19 should alarm all who value freedom and fear the advance of Orwellian totalitarianism.

On May 12 a global summit, on what is falsely called the pandemic, is to be held in Washington attended by so-called world leaders and their advisors who manipulate science for political reasons.

Heading the agenda is the aim to have 70% of the population of every country vaccinated as the necessary platform to “prepare for future health threats.” Incredibly, while evidence abounds that the so-called vaccines are spreading Covid and causing increasing adverse effects and deaths, the media statement of the summit organisers claims that vaxxing will “save lives and build better health security.”

The blatant falsehood of that statement is attested to by the latest statistics from VAERS (vaccine adverse effects reporting system) for the period 14 December 2020 to 8 April 2022: 1,226, 314 reports, 219,865 serious effects, 26,976 deaths. VAERS is a passive reporting system which at best reflects only 10% of actual adverse effects.

Compounding this shocking reality is the admission by the CDC and the UK Health ministry that after 16 months of observation, vaxxing is ineffective in preventing Covid, facilitates its transmission and diminishes natural immunity capacity thereby promoting poor health.

From the above, the only conclusion to be drawn from the globalist push for vaxxing is that it constitutes a crime against humanity. It also fits in precisely with World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab’s long term objective, shared by Bill Gates, of depopulating the planet.

What cannot be overstated is that those attending the May 12 global summit do not represent the mass of humanity. That is apparent from the unprecedented mass protests that have occurred in Europe and the US against Covid regulations and vax mandates. Instead, the summit represents an oligarchy whose politics is totalitarian.

This dark shadow over the future of freedom extends to South Africa where the local chapter of the oligarchy is bent on imposing regulations that will deny citizens their section 12 (2) constitutional rights.

Worse still is the report that SALGA, representing 257 municipalities, the vast majority of which are bankrupt, is demanding that the powers to enforce the draconian regulations are devolved to its members. The prospect of radical transformation commissars like Zandile Gumede determining our rights is chilling.

By failing to recognise and oppose the controls the global oligarchy intends to impose, freedom is threatened. US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis (1916-1939), a champion of private, individual liberty, recognised that threat which is even more serious today: “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few. But we cannot have both.”

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