Glasgow Meeting’s Dark Agenda

It is disappointing to note that POST believes that “climate change is a big deal” (Editorial, November 3-7).  What really is a monumentally huge deal about the Glasgow UN COP26 meeting is its dark, unreported, obfuscated agenda that is neither science-based nor actually related to the environment.

Climate change is a natural process as old as history itself. Droughts, floods, heatwaves, hurricanes have occurred throughout recorded history. There were two warming periods in the past 2000 years which were unrelated to carbon emissions – the Roman warming period which ended around 300AD and the Medieval one which ended around 1400.

In 1920, global climate-related disasters killed 500,000. Despite the greatly increased population of our time, such human losses are exponentially no greater. Cold-related deaths are actually forty times more common in North America. Recent scientific studies show increased ice levels in the polar regions.

New York University Professor of Engineering, Steven Koonin, who was Under-Secretary of Energy in Obama’s Administration, rejects global warming alarmism pointing out that temperature fluctuations are no different than they were 60 years ago. Green Peace founder, Patrick Moore, is adamant that there is “zero evidence” that the world is in the midst of a “climate emergency.” In other words, climate change is not human-driven.

What the promoters of the de-carbonised, Green new deal do not state are the dark consequences of their agenda. By cancelling fossil fuels, life as we know it would revert to the pre-Industrial Revolution period. Aircraft would no longer take to the skies. Roads would no longer be made of bitumen. Many petroleum-derived products would be unobtainable.

But most important of all, billions of people would be unemployed. Already this is evident in Biden’s USA where the Keystone Oil Pipeline was imperiously halted throwing 14,000 people immediately out of work; where financing of coal mining has been halted and no new gas exploitation is permitted. The imposition of carbon taxes are just another means of governments exploiting a false situation to further burden and impoverish people.

When the so-called world leaders like Biden, Johnson, Macron, Merkel, Prince Charles and the Pope falsely claim that “human beings pose an existential threat to the environment” what they fail to admit is that their goal is to depopulate the planet. By throwing billions into dependence on the state, the oligarchs of the Great Re-Set, otherwise known as the new world order, intend to subject the masses to an Orwellian serfdom.

To those who scoff at this, they should look at the extent to which basic freedoms are being denied or curtailed by politicians – not by science – with regard to the contrived Covid plandemic from which 99% of the infected have recovered and now the coercion to be vaccinated against it.

It should be obvious that the contrived climate alarmism and the coercion to promote the untested vaccines are two sides of the same depopulation coin: promote mass unemployment and poverty while subjecting people to vaccines and boosters which are already causing illness and death amongst those previously healthy. Now by urging that children should also be vaccinated, the agenda is even clearer: breed a generation of youngsters that are infertile.

The Glasgow COP 26 meeting had nothing to do with saving the world but everything to do with promoting the human dystopia George Orwell described in his novel titled Nineteen Eighty FourAdd the main advantages of your business that make it unique and the best.

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