Gender Guidance In Schools Should Trigger Alarm

The crusade overseas by globalist/wokeist ideology against truth, which it brands as “misinformation,” should trigger an alarm that the Department of Basic Education (DBE) is now dismissing as “misconceptions” opposition to its intrusion into gender education (The Mercury, April 16).

The only extent of the state’s concern with gender is in the teaching of biology, and in that, schools may be designated as “boys” or “girls” schools, such as Durban Girls High or Grosvenor Boys High. Beyond that, the issue of gender is none of the state’s business.

Yet gender discrimination is being controversially promoted in American schools amidst great opposition from parents. Little children are being confronted with questions about their gender that unnecessarily promotes confusion and psychological trauma. The agenda of the promoters of this ungodly, warped ideology is the destruction of traditional norms and values and the violation of God’s law, as stated in Genesis 1:27, that he created male and female in his image.

There can be no “misconception” of the ultimate purpose of the DBE’s Gender Responsive Pedagogy Toolkit. It is to contrive an issue where one does not exist because the process of self-discovery evolves naturally. But through intrusion and interference in that process, the agenda of the globalists in the DBE is the incremental subsuming of parental rights and cultural values by the state.

The fact that the “toolkit” prescribes “visual aids free from stereotypical depictions of gender roles” and toilet facilities that correspond with a child’s perception of their gender identity, shows exactly where this subversive, wokeist ideology is headed: the creation of a new gender called transgenderism.

Instead of being wooed by-election slogans, voters should be discerning the stance of the party of their choice on the issue of state intrusion and ideology concerning so-called gender guidance in schools.

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