Ford And Kavanaugh: Nobody Was Lying

Nowhere has the influence of the media been more significantly demonstrated than in the process involving Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a US Supreme Court Justice.

That influence is reflected in the letters by Elizabeth Tweedie and AB Modak in The Witness of October 11, which, it would appear, now accepts any claim of sexual molestation by women is credible, regardless of the evidence or the lack of it. The upshot of that emotional mindset is disregard for the principle of innocent until proven guilty and that all men are sexual predators.

In arriving at their conclusions, did Tweedie and Modak consider the following?

  • That Dr Ford could not remember whether her alleged rape by Kavanaugh took place in 1982 or 1983;
  • She was unable to state either the location of the alleged attack, how she got there and how she got home;
  • Her best friend denied ever being at such a party or having seen Kavanaugh there;
  • Kavanaugh’s diary for both 1982 and 1983 shows he was out of town on the occasions Ford thinks he attacked her;
  • Ford has refused to make public the polygraph test she took in July and cannot remember who paid for it and whether it was videoed or not;
  • Ford claimed in testimony that she fears flying and initially declined to travel from California to Washington. But her travel record shows she is a frequent flyer.
  • Mrs Mitchell, the special sex crimes prosecutor of 25 years of experience who questioned both Ford and Kavanaugh at the Senate hearings, stated that given Ford’s inability to provide substantial evidence, her case would not have qualified for criminal adjudication.
  • Sixty-five women have come forward and attested to Kavanaugh’s cordial and courteous dealings with women including his former girlfriends.
  • Seven FBI probes of Kavanaugh did not turn up a shred of evidence regarding sexual misconduct.

Elizabeth Tweedie claims that either Ford or Kavanaugh is lying. Neither one was lying. Kavanaugh faced the charge of perjury if he was lying and disbarment. As for Ford, whilst one sympathises with what she claimed occurred, her mistaken identity of Kavanaugh has been crudely exploited by the Democratic Party for political ends.

Sent into The Witness and published, 12 October 2018.

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